7 Ways to Take Time Off Without Losing Your Mind

Find Out Why It's A Lot of Work to Go on Vacation

Sometimes Vacation is More Stressful Than Work

The holiday season is filled with stress. Family gatherings, crowded shopping malls and 24/7 Christmas music on the radio are just the tip of the iceberg. But the one thing that should combat this stress -- lots of time off from work between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- has the potential to be even more stressful than being at the office. 

It's no secret the economy hasn't been stellar the last few years. That has led to many layoffs, which has resulted in surviving employees wearing many more hats and doing jobs that didn't used to be theirs. That's why a week off is nice in theory, but in reality it often means you spend the week(s) before your vacation cramming in two weeks of work. And even when you're off, you're likely checking email from your phone and trouble-shooting when the skeleton staff can't solve the problem on their own.

Vacations are supposed to relieve stress and recharge your batteries, but when you don’t properly prepare for them they can do just the opposite. How do you get all of the health benefits of a vacation, without stress coming along and ruining everything? This article explores seven vacation traps to avoid.