Wasting Time at Work 2012

Our Survey Shows How Much Time Employees Waste at Work & How They Do It

More Employers Recognizing Cultural Shift

Rudy Karsan, CEO of Kenexa (Salary.com's parent company), was a guest on Salary Talk last year and spoke on this very topic.

"Basically, younger workers are coming in and saying 'I'm going to be at my desk, I'll continue working, then I'm going to get distracted by doing some shopping or watching YouTube, then I'll come back and do my job.' Back and forth, in and out. When we start to do that we're really blending our lives together with work. I applaud it and hope we never lose that, because that's natural for us." 

Karsan, along with many other employers, recognizes the cultural shift taking place and sees the value in creating a "Work-Life Blend" as opposed to a balance. More employees than ever are answering work emails via smartphone well after they've left the office, so a little downtime during the workday becomes no big deal.

Which means next year we might have to change the title of this survey!