7 Hot Jobs for New College Grads

Check Out These High-Paying, Entry Level Careers Perfect for Recent College Graduates

College is Over — Get a Job!

The month of May brings us Mother’s Day, the Kentucky Derby and — most importantly — college graduations. After four long years of toiling and late-night study sessions, graduates have their caps, gowns, and that diploma is waiting for you across the stage. But the biggest question for all graduating college seniors is whether or not they have a job.

In honor of society’s newest entrants to the labor market, let’s take a look at some of the hottest jobs for this year’s crop of graduates who haven’t yet snagged a job.

7. Meeting/Event Assistant

Job: Meeting/Event Assistant
Annual salary: $44,189

With a median annual salary of $44,200, this is the lowest paying job for new grads. However, potential perks like business travel and opportunities for networking more than make up for the low starting salary.

And according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report last month, this job has a 44 percent anticipated increase in openings between now and 2020, so there will be plenty of room for career growth.

6. Biomedical Engineer

Job: Biomedical Engineer
Annual salary: $49,804

Although Biomedical Engineers may not have lofty starting salaries like some of the other engineers on our list, faster than average salary growth and a whopping 62 percent expected increase in job openings through 2020 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) make for a bright future.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to be involved in cutting-edge research and medical innovation?

5. Software Developer

Job: Software Developer
Annual salary: $57,916

Anyone pursuing a career in software development will face both risk and reward.

More and more companies are sending development work offshore, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the increased need for computer programs will keep occupational demand strong through 2020. Couple these job prospects with solid starting wages and faster than average salary growth, and software development remains an excellent opportunity for someone with technical proficiency and a mind for computers.

4. Chemical Engineer

Job: Chemical Engineer
Annual salary: $64,089

Chemical Engineering has long been one of the most lucrative degrees for new graduates, at slightly over $64,000. Salaries for some related engineering fields are slightly higher, but chemical engineers are widely needed across a number of industries and sectors.

3. Ultrasound Technologist

Job: Ultrasound Technologist
Annual salary: $65,339

The bad news is the average new grad may not be able to walk off the street and qualify for a job as an Ultrasound Technologist. In addition to a degree in allied health this job requires formal training and employers often require registration with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

But those who do qualify will enjoy solid earning potential and job security, as this occupation is expected to see a 44 percent increase in openings over the next 8 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Pathology Assistant

Job: Pathology Assistant
Annual salary: $72,263

Anyone who dismisses a career as a Pathology Assistant because they are afraid of working in a morgue might want to reconsider.

Post-mortem examinations are only a small portion of a PA’s job. This career does require specialized training and certification, but offers excellent career prospects (both in terms of salary and stability).

1. Petroleum Geologist

Job: Petroleum Geologist
Annual salary: $79,307

Petroleum geologists top our list, with a hefty median annual salary (among employees with less than two years of experience) of almost $80,000!

While salaries are most certainly a little lower for those candidates without advanced degrees, strong demand for (and rising prices of) oil should ensure solid career opportunities for all.

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