In-Demand Finance and Accounting Jobs

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Are you looking for a new role in the finance and accounting spheres? A promising statistic job seekers should consider is that the unemployment rate for specialized roles in these realms range well below the national average at 0.8% - 3.3%, according to the Q2 2018 quarterly report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With such low unemployment rates in these sectors, there is a labor shortage of experienced candidates. As the pool of unemployed talent continues to narrow, employers struggle to compete in the modern war for talent. For qualified job seekers, however, the labor shortage suggests it’s a promising time to seek new opportunities.

Using data, we provided the average salaries of 10 in-demand jobs in the finance and accounting sectors, as well as job description summaries so you can determine if your skillset matches up with the following roles:

1) Accounting Clerk

What you’ll earn to start: $38,193

What you’ll do: Perform routine accounting activities such as maintenance of the general ledger, and preparation of various accounting statements and financial reports. This person also posts journal entries and verifies billings, invoices, and checks, as well as reconciles accounts and bank statements. This role typically requires a high school diploma.

Your earning potential (level III): $49,687

2) Accountant

What you’ll earn to start: $50,996

What you’ll do: Assist in maintaining financial records and ensuring that financial transactions are properly recorded. This person also ensures the accuracy of entries to ledger accounts and reconciles subsidiary ledger accounts to the general ledger. This role requires a bachelor's degree, and may require eligibility to sit for the CPA exam.

Your earning potential (level IV): $90,664

3) Financial Analyst

What you’ll make to start: $56,227

What you’ll do: Responsible for assisting in preparation, coordination, and documentation of financial analysis projects. This person also provides analytical support for forward-looking financial and business-related projects. This role requires a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level IV): $101,277

4) Internal Auditor

What you’ll earn to start: $56,852 

What you’ll do: Audit the accounting and financial data of various departments within an organization to ensure accuracy and compliance with government guidelines and laws. This person also identifies improper accounting or documentation within the organization. This role requires a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level IV): $99,178

5) Tax Accountant

What you’ll earn to start: $54,806

What you’ll do: Assist in the maintenance and preparation of tax-related items to include tax records, tax returns, tax schedules, and related tax reports. This person also helps with the preparation of local, state, and federal level returns to be submitted within specified tax deadlines. This role may require a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level IV): $102,068

6) Controller

What you'll earn, on average: $190,670

What you’ll do: Lead and direct an organization's accounting functions, and establish and maintain the organization's overall accounting systems, procedures, and policies. This person also directs all analysis and reporting of financial information including budgets, planning, and required filings and reports. This role requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, and typically requires a CPA.

7) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

What you'll earn, on average: $365,407

What you’ll do: Develop an organization's overall financial policies. This person provides strategic direction of all financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury. This role typically requires an advanced degree, and may require a CPA.

*Our salary data is constantly updated. Please use of Salary Wizard for the most recent salary projections.

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