In-Demand Jobs That Pay over $75,000

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Let’s face it. People get to a point in their careers when they want to see more dollar signs. If your chosen profession isn’t paying as handsomely as you’d like, it might be time to consider a career change. This kind of professional shift typically means going back to school, but the return on investment may be worth your time.

Based on data, we've provided 10 jobs that tend to pay out over $75,000. We’ve also included job descriptions for each one so you can start to evaluate whether a career change may be right for you.

1) Web Software Developer: $78,653

A Web Software Developer designs, develops, and implements software packages for websites. They also troubleshoot, debug, and implement software code.

2) Audiologist: $79,709

An Audiologist administers and interprets a variety of tests, such as air and bone conduction, and speech reception and discrimination tests, to determine the type and degree of hearing impairment, site of damage, and effects on comprehension and speech. They also evaluate test results in relation to behavioral, social, educational, and medical information obtained from patients, families, teachers, and other professionals.

3) Physical Therapist: $83,620

A Physical Therapist evaluates and treats patients suffering from a physical disability due to injury, disease, or surgery.They also evaluate treatment plans and treat patients using a variety of methods, including exercises, stretching maneuvers, hands-on therapy, and equipment to ease patients' pain and help them increase their mobility.

4) Attorney I: $92,043

An Attorney reviews contracts involving leases, licenses, purchases, sales, insurance, etc., and reviews drafts of various agreements and documents. They also legal advice to an organization, prepare resolutions, reports, guidelines and participates in major legal actions. Additionally, they work closely with other departments to foresee and protect a company against legal risks, participate in Legal department initiatives such as template agreement development, and offer advice to senior management on how to respond to legal issues or proposed changes in laws and regulations.

5) Drilling Engineer I: $92,486

A Drilling Engineer is responsible for the design and implementation of oil and gas wells. They perform design evaluations and recommends alterations to improve safety, costs, and efficiency.

6) Property Manager: $93,234

A Property Manager maintains a portfolio of properties. They also direct the buying, selling, and leasing of properties in the portfolio, provide information on operating costs as well as the annual budget for the properties, and may manage commercial, industrial, or residential properties.

7) Operations Manager: $93,513

An Operations Manager manages general activities of an organization's operations in a non-manufacturing environment. They also develop and implement company policies and procedures, ensure compliance with these procedures, and evaluate and enhances current operational systems.

8) Biology Professor: $94,100

A Biology Professor teaches courses in the discipline area of biology. They develop and design curriculum plans to foster student learning, stimulate class discussions, and ensure student engagement.

9) Art Director: $95,040

An Art Director directs and develops the creative design and execution of visual communications that convey and represent organization's marketing objectives to the consumer. They also provide internal clients with design standards, tools, and guidance on communicating corporate image and identity, manage the art design and production of all company publications, signage, advertising and branded materials, and may manage freelance artists and designers on projects.

10) Marketing Manager: $97,530

A Marketing Manager manages the marketing activities and programs for an organization. They also develop and implement marketing plans to serve the business objectives, stay abreast of changes in the marketing environment and coordinate market research projects. Additionally, they select and manage ongoing relationships with different marketing vendors, and may oversees advertising, events, and public relationships.

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