Negotiation Week

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It’s time to start negotiating again.

We know it’s not easy and we know it’s uncomfortable. Years of layoffs and a faltering economy made salary negotiation an afterthought for many people who felt lucky to simply have a job in the first place. That’s why 41% of American workers did not negotiate for the position they currently hold. But the economy is slowly recovering. Hiring is once again on the rise. Which means it’s time. Time to ask for more during the job interview. Time to ask for that pay increase you haven’t gotten in five years. Time to stop leaving money on the table. And can help.

The main problems people face regarding negotiating are zero preparation, no confidence, and a lack of negotiating skills. uses the most accurate employer-reported salary data for more than 4,000 job titles to let you know how much money you should be making, which gives you added leverage and increased confidence going into the negotiation. We also provide expert tips regarding some specific negotiating tactics, as well as instructions how to negotiate other parts of your compensation package such as vacation time, work/life flexibility, benefits, and more.

We’re dedicated to helping you help yourself professionally, and we’ll supply you with the data and tools you need to negotiate successfully. Because it’s time! Read this year’s “Do You Negotiate?” survey results.