7 Best Paying Retail Jobs in 2021

Are you interested in working in a fast-changing and expanding industry? Fancy experiencing some interpersonal growth? Then retail job positions will fit your interest. In a society where consumers controls purchase, retail jobs are literally everywhere. It’s safe to say this industry has one of the largest pools of employment in any country worldwide.

Retail jobs mainly focus on sales, customer service, and many skillsets that make you hireable in other fields. It may not be a dream job for most of the population, but it’s a solid career option, especially in the long run. If you’re still wondering if breaking into this field will bring success in terms of salary, look no further because there certainly are retail jobs that pay well.

1. Sales Consultant

The job of a sales consultant is to seek and approach clients to identify their needs and recommend suitable services or products to fulfill those needs. You’ll need to be proficient in how the product works and its functionality so you can explain them well to your customers. This profession exists in practically any sector. Just like any other sales job, your will aim to generate sales and conduct payment transactions. To excel in this job, you’ll need to be well-spoken and knowledgeable about what you’re selling to your clients. The average salary of a sales consultant is $52,389. It’s easily one of the best retail jobs you can find.

2. Store Manager

A store manager or store supervisor oversees the daily activities and operations of the store or department. Your job is to make sure day-to-day operations run smoothly without disruptions. These are retail jobs that pay well because you’ve got to undertake many administrative tasks. You’ll have to create business strategies, monitor inventories, and conduct training for new staff. Your key performance indicator lies in meeting monthly sales goals. Hence, it would help if you were an excellent leader and communicator to ensure your store’s traffic and profitability don’t tank. These professions in the United States get you an average of $62,696.

3. Stylist

Making it on the list of the best paying retail jobs, stylists pick clothing pieces that adhere to the needs of the customers. You will work for individuals, fashion houses, and brands. This job may seem easy, but there is more than meets the eye because research, sourcing, and meeting with clients for all selections to be made have to be executed. You’ll need to have a keen eye for detail and strong knowledge of trends and styles. Having excellent customer service and interpersonal skills will get you far. Salary.com reports that stylists earn an average of $80,940, topping the list as the highest paying retail jobs./p>

4. Buyer

Becoming a buyer is also one of the most wanted retail job positions today. Buyers are also known as purchasing agents, and they are known to research, negotiate, and purchase goods. Later, they’ll have to resell to clients at wholesale or retail stages. Arranging transport for your goods and ensure they arrive on time is an important part of your job too. From time to time, it’s also your duty to ensure inventories aren’t low in stocks. As a buyer, you’ll have to possess great negotiating skills and get the best price while purchasing. Your interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with suppliers will do you good. The average salary of a buyer in the States is $67,575, within the range of $60,406 to $76,162.

5. Customer Service Supervisor

A customer service supervisor oversees a group of the company’s services staff by leading and training them. Your job as a supervisor is to solve product and service complaints made by the customers. Dealing with customers is your forte, and it is a retail job position that offers good pay. You play a role in which you’ll have to build a strong team that can handle customers' requests well. For those purchases that require refunds, you’ll have to authenticate and return them accordingly. Documentations are important to keep track of the departmental activities in terms of customer support. It will help to get in this job if you graduate with a business or sales-related degree. Most of these jobs will require you to work shifts. This managerial position enables you to earn an average of $65,709.

6. Franchise Manager

Franchise managers are retail jobs that pay well. Their jobs are organizing and planning the department of a franchise according to the corporate’s designated operational methods. It can be in the form of promotional messages, business strategies, and products. They offer support to the outlets they are managing while ensuring the success of the organization. Besides, you are to provide training and information about how the policies of the business and how it should be operated. Experience in leadership, marketing, and management positions will help you execute the job well. Many franchise managers earn from a range of $52,928 and $71,216, certainly one of the highest paying retail management jobs.

7. Merchandiser

Another best paying retail jobs is a merchandiser. Your responsibilities include planning and coming up with strategies for merchandising. Furthermore, analyzing sales figures, market trends, and behaviors of customers will be part of the job too. Merchandisers also act as the middle person between customers and companies. Great candidates who want the job should have decision-making skills and be able to work under pressure. You will need to be graduating with a business, marketing, or related degree to enter this field. Those of you thinking of taking up these retail jobs that pay well will be earning an average of $58,385 per annum.

With that, the seven best paying retail jobs are presented to you, and if you’re interested in either one of them, go forth and pursue! Know that your efforts will pay off when you work hard enough by getting to a higher position and obtaining even higher pay!

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